Accredited by NAAC With ‘A+’ Grade Accredited by NAAC With ‘A+’ Grade
Reaccredited by NBA Reaccredited by NBA to CIVIL, MECH, ECE & CSE
Reaccredited by NBA Permanently Affiliated by JNTU-GV vizianagaram
ISO Certified Certified by ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015



The Research & Development (R&D) cell of Raghu Engineering College (REC) promotes and facilitates research culture among. the faculty and students. It enables an amiable environment for technological development and monitors the research activities of the college The R&D Cell takes upon. the responsibility of creating an environment that attract the besttalent and strives continuously in pooling of skills and internal resources and develops strategies in order to make the college one of the best in the world.

About Research Centerat RAGHU

RAGHU is commited to education and knowledge opportunities that will empower students to transform the world we live in through meaningful contribution. In that regard, research has always been of importance at our institutions. We have and continue to contribute to research and new knowledge across fields through publications, doctoral degree awards, projects, grants and more. Through our activities we aim to facilitate research excellence that is on par with global standards and innovation that drives the chosen field forward.

Research Areas at Raghu

RAGHU is commited empowering research and innovation that helps push the current confines of the areas we work in. Our research activities span across domains from Law and business to Science and Engineering. We have contributed and continue to do so in multiple facets of each of our chosen fields through research. Explore our detailed list of research areas.



The Directorate of Research and Consultancy aims to create a transformative, world-leading educational and research environment that will equip and empower individuals and groups to develop innovative solutions to improve people's lives in our communities.



  • Design the research policy framework
  • Build sustainable research and innovation ecosystem in the University
  • Support faculty, students, and research fellows to achieve excellence in research
  • Enhance current research strengths and develop new areas of research